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What is Dry Eye?

Dry Eye stems from an unhealthy state of our tear film. When we blink our glands produce tears that coat our eyes. These tears are made of three primary components to moisturize and lubricate our eyes. First component is the lipid layer, which prevents the tear film from evaporating. Second component is the aqueous layer, which contains water and nutrients for our eyes. Third is the mucin layer, which helps spread the tear film evenly over our eyes.

When our glands are not producing this lubricating combination we start to feel symptoms of Dry Eye. For example, we could experience occasional dryness and discomfort, or symptoms may be long lasting and even painful. Left untreated, contributes chronic dry eye which can cause damage to the surface of our eyes and damage eyesight. 


Chronic Dry Eye

Chronic or long-term dry eye can occur when the tear glands don’t make the right amount or quality of tears to keep your eyes moist and protected. If you don’t have enough tears or an unhealthy tear film, dry spots can occur. These dry spots can feel painful and uncomfortable. They can be very irritating and cause burning or stinging. Chronic dry eye can damage the surface of your eyes and your vision. If you experience chronic dry eye, it is important to see an eye care specialist to seek treatment.

If you're experiencing dry eye symptoms like the ones listed below, it is important to see an eye care specialist to correctly diagnose and treat your dry eye problem.

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